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GlassBeach Video Production - creators of superior, powerful and impactful media content.

GlassBeach brings your creative and challenging ideas and concepts to life, transforming them into emotive, engaging, stylish media that stuns, captivates and educates

We provide mixed media solutions bespoke to your unique and individual requirements, whether it is beautiful and inspiring video content, striking, fresh, exciting graphics, compelling photography or high-end, technologically outstanding film.

With a prestigious client base and unparalleled service our client satisfaction is our highest priority. 






Our versatile production team are skilled in the art of delivering inspiring and impactful video content for conferences and performances. We produce engaging media that creates long lasting impressions and lives with your audiences long after the show is over.

With many years combined experience within the industry we offer some of the best talent around both in videography and film as well as lighting and sound technology. We are constantly pushing boundaries and implementing some of the most hi-tech media solutions available to ensure maximum impact and audience engagement.

We work with our clients to surpass their expectations producing compelling, fresh, exciting video content for the event programme itself. Additionally we offer live multi-camera filming for use during the event if required or post event as an edited package, perfect for marketing purposes.

Strong client relationships are the foundation of our business thus we are consistently striving to make sure each project is unique, bespoke and delivered on time and on budget. We take time to really get to know our clients and pride ourselves on being able to understand exactly what they need to be effective in achieving their end goal.


We Supply

  • Video Content
  • Multi-camera filming
  • Rifle and clip mics
  • Lighting
  • Edited video package

  • Podcasts






Our strength in sound technology means that we are the perfect partners for bringing to life your interview projects and Vox Pops.
We bring your messages to life through powerful videos and outstanding sound technology. We use multi camera filming with both rifle and clip mics to get perfect ambient balance in post-production. Videos are professionally lit with film standard lighting and autocue provided for set-up interviews where necessary. We use B-Roll film to provide extra flexibility when editing and add an enriched dimension to the finished product.
We ensure that your ‘Interview / Talking head’ videos get your message across in a relaxed, engaging and authentic way and your Vox Pop videos are visually compelling on-topic and credible.



  • Autocue
  • Multi-camera filming
  • Rifle and clip mics
  • Lighting




Our corporate portfolio is wide ranging and diverse including smaller companies as well as many high profile names within the marketing, conferencing, crowdfunding and charity sectors such as Diageo, Compaid, BT, Adidas, Nutricia, DHL Industrial, Harlequins and AIA.  Our clients work closely with us trusting our creative and technical teams to develop their unique story in as powerful a way as possible. We aim to connect clients with their audience.

From video campaigns to build or raise brand awareness, through to live conference filming and advertising, we listen to your objectives, develop your ideas and guide you to the correct media processes. The result will be a hi-spec video that tells a compelling brand story, engages with your audience and brings your core message to life.

Film standard lighting, state-of–the art sound and recording equipment and our expert team of directors, camera operators, video editors, producers and script writers will ensure that your end product is of the highest specification. 



  • Graphics
  • Multi-camera filming
  • Rifle and clip mics
  • Lighting





We have filmed over 75 theatre productions and concerts including some amazing school productions, which require a unique skill set.

Our work in this arena is either commissioned for a fee, paid for by sales of the DVD on our website or as pay-per-view on Vimeo, which is a progressive platform and works well for us. (see example -



Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.06.36.png


We have a specialist aerial film and photography team who are currently filming various depots around the UK for Davies Turner logistics.

We use hi-end drones, 4K HD, to capture film as RAW for the highest quality format. Our post production editing enables us to add graphics, design and soundtracks for an amazing quality product.

Our drone photography and film production has a wide range of uses from the filming of events, film and TV, construction, corporate and commercial.